Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

I am thrilled! I had 19 comments at my #400 post, and many people had great responses to my introduction of Heifer International. Some readers even made contributions and/or plan to save up to make future donations! That just thrills me! Thank you so much! I went online and purchased a Flock of Hope. Turns out it was partly in celebration of my blogging days, and partly as a gift to my brother-in-law whose father just died. Life's ups and downs keep rolling along, and we do what we can to help each other. I am truly grateful that many of you chose (or will choose) to help others through Heifer.

Here are my first completed quilt tops of 2009. Not super exciting, but they'll be a comfort to a couple of kids somewhere. I have one more top that needs a border, but I don't have an appropriate fabric. Darn, I'll have to go to one of the quilt shop New Year's Day sales I happen to know about.

It's 2:00 a.m., and I stayed up this long sort of by accident. But now my first wise move of the new year will be to go to bed! Nighty-night, and happy new year to all.

(Hooray - another great mission accomplished - in 20 days we get a new president!!!)


Twisted Quilts said...

you have already completed two quilt tops in 2009! I can't believe it.

Unknown said...

I love the little precious!

Go Obama Go Obama... I can't believe how fast the inauguration is happening! Remind me to tell you what some little one said to me...but she can't be around when I tell you! lol

Torina said...

You are amazing! I FINALLY finished the Ohio Star last night. It is not pretty but I will send it to you anyway to see if you can salvage it :)

LOVE that scrappy quilt. You made it look very modern in its scrappiness :)