Monday, January 05, 2009

Lemonade in Winter!

I don't usually drink lemonade in winter time, but what the heck - Beth tagged me with this award, so I'm going to go ahead and enjoy it. I will make my list, but I'm not going to tag any other bloggers. If you fit the description and want to, go ahead and tag yourself! It's for bloggers who show attitude and/or gratitude. OK. Here goes:

Things for which I am grateful (there are a lot, so I'm not going to list the obvious ones like family, friends, and quilting)--
1. Minnesota lakes
2. Learning (You're never too old)
3. Music - almost all kinds (not too crazy about hard rock)
4. Food
5. Smart people
6. American Sign Language
7. God and my growing faith

and just for fun, the things that bring out my attitude --
1. being told what to do (my inner brat instantly rebels)
2. uptight, prissy people
3. my gosh-darn impulsivity (Hmm, spellcheck wants to change that to impulsiveness. Which is correct??)

Over the weekend I made 70 crumb blocks! Half of them were made from yellow scraps, so they fit into the Lemonade theme. Plus, they are making lemonade from lemons, after a fashion.

After a two-week break, I returned to work today. The first day back is always exhausting. Tonight I'm exhausted, so I'm not writing any more. Ta-ta.


Melissa Kaye said...

You got a lot done this weekend! I'm impressed! Don't you love it when you get to just play in your sewing room? My scrap area is my happy place...I may make a sign that says that for in there. Get some rest and see you tomorrow night for book club fun!

Barb said...

Just dropped by to thank you for entering my blog giveaway and to check out your blog.

I love your ugly quilt, only because I made one (I was so embarassed that is was ugly) but I am thinking about doing a give away after this whirl into winter one and use that as the prized. The back is certainly alot prettier than the front.