Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Good Tired

I was dreaming about some music. The beautiful chord came to an end, and just then my alarm went off. "Perfect," I said out loud, thinking the alarm had waited until the perfect moment to sound. If you're going to wake up from a dream saying something out loud, I guess "perfect" is a pretty good word to be saying; a good way to start the day.

It was to be a sewing day for me! We do these one-day retreats every few months with my guild. Usually we meet at my church which has a lovely, big room with lots of good light (that's important to quilters). We couldn't meet there today, however, because of the water damage that occurred this week.

Neighboring church to the rescue! They let us use their space on a last-minute request. The large group took over the smallish-size library to do their applique class. The light was better here (even more important for hand-work applique).

Sylvia is an expert and appeared to be running an excellent class to a bunch of eager students.

That left two of us to sew in the large room! Here's my fellow machine sew-er being visited by an applique class member. We had plenty of room to spread out our stuff, but we could have used some more bodies and a few more irons for the extra heat. The room was chilly, and the thermostat was too complicated to monkey with!

The church was very nice to let us use the space, and two of us even got to partake in a delicious pot-luck dinner which had been previously scheduled. Yummy food!

I sewed today from 9:00 a.m. to about 7:00 p.m. ... a long day of sewing which made my legs tired, but it's a good tired. And I got all the blocks made for the above setting! Progress was made.

Tonight I shall sleep tight.


Donna said...

glad your neighbors were able to help out with some space. Looks like you made real progress -- maybe you wanted the quilt to stay warm? :-)

Unknown said...

Good Tired is awesome... I love when I know I have been productive!

Melissa Kaye said...

Love the blocks you got done! I love good tired days! A day full of sewing sounds like a dream come true for you. :)

Andrea, the little collector said...

Those blocks are beautiful! Congrats! How nice of the neighboring church to pitch in on a short notice request.