Friday, January 23, 2009

Frigid Friday Five

1) Prayers for Penny whose mother is dying and for Melissa whose baby is recovering super fast from major surgery! [the circle of life]

2) This has been a long winter! We're facing another below zero weekend. I'm lucky to have a warm, comfy house and lots of quilts!

3) I'm thankful that I managed a mid-day visit to the Closing Quilt Shop - prices are 75% off now, and the store is nearly stripped bare. I got 15 yards at an average price of about $2.75/yard!

4) Hooray for good books: just finished The Plain Sense of Things by Pamela Carter Joern and am now reading The Good Women of China by Xinran. I think after dinner I'll curl up under a quilt and read more of this excellent book!

5) My hubby is a computer pro, and I reap the benefits. Makes life pretty simple for me!

Photo taken at my morning meeting - a staff development day.
Do we look thrilled?

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