Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is my husband's and my 31st wedding anniversary. Neither of us can figure out how we got to be this old! When hubby came home from work, I met him at the front door with a big hug and said "Happy Anniversary!!" He said "Is it today??" So I guess I'm not getting a dozen roses. Poor guy... I shouldn't make him sound like the typical TV husband who can't remember an anniversary. He does know when it is. He just thought that today's date was the 23rd and that our anniv is tomorrow. Oops.

We don't usually make a big deal of anniversaries, anyway. I made a new recipe for supper, and I sat and chatted with him while he ate. I must confess that I had miscalculated on the time, and dinner was ready about 20 min. before hubby came home, so the kids and I sat down and ate without him! I guess between the two of us we just don't know how to throw a big party!

We're both very happy, and our great marriage is an on-going celebration, so who needs a party?

Mother Nature is giving us a bit of excitement tonight - rain, thunder, hail in some areas, and tornadoes just south of us. The people at the State Fair are getting soaked!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fun Day of Quilting

I spent the day finishing some UFOs. I had a good machine quilting session! That made me happy. Sometimes quilting is a real struggle. Today it went well, and I was pleased with the results. I have been concentrating on finishing UFOs which can be boring, but it feels good to get them done.

Here's my funky wall hanging. It was just a sample, technique piece in a class taught by Shelly Stokes. I liked it, so I added beads and tabs and hung it on my wall. This one follows Tonya's (Lazy Gal Quilting) willingness to break the rule about "always squaring up" your quilts. It's a little wonky and would be even more so if I hadn't shortened one of the tabs. I guess I'm still hesitant to be a total non-conformist. But I do admire Tonya's free spirit and thank her for being an inspiration!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Blue and Gold Day

It's a beautiful day here. I never knew that expression, a blue and gold day, until I met my pen pal from Australia. After she explained it, I began noticing it in books. It's a perfect description for fantastic-weather days.

I have been on a bit of a quilting binge. I became motivated when I realized that my days of freedom are numbered. I go back to work for the school year on August 23! I never get as much done during my time off as I imagine I could or should be able to. With endless free days extending far into the future, one doesn't think that rushing around is in order. Now, with only 2 and 1/2 days left, I am scrambling.

My favorite place to donate quilts is here: Wrap-a-Smile. Quilts go with Rotary teams and are given to kids who undergo cleft lip/cleft palate surgery. My dad was a faithful Rotarian, and I have great respect for Rotary. I donate to this project in memory of my dad. You can read about Wrap-a-Smile here:
Click on the Wrap a Smile tab. This burgeoning quilt program was started by one humble quilter who had a great idea. It grew so quickly that they have donated over 5,000 quilts to kids around the world. How great is that?!

Have a wonderful day, everyone. Do something nice for another person today, and then do something nice for yourself.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Monday, August 07, 2006

I won a ribbon!

I entered a couple of my quilts in the county fair. Both won ribbons! Look at this one, made using letters ala Tonya style.. 2nd place! Thanks for the inspiration, Tonya. It's a small, local fair but I'm excited about winning something the first time I dared to enter a judged competition.

The other quilt was a group effort. It was made in a round robin and was a Lotto. I was the lucky winner of the 4th place winning quilt! That's my lovely daughter pointing to the winner.