Sunday, April 18, 2021

Quilts and Book Review

 After the Last Border by Jessica Goudeau

This is the story of two families who settle in the USA by necessity -- escaping war in their home countries. The story switches between the two, telling of their struggles, hopes and dreams.

I learned a lot about the horrendous war in Syria and the shameful way the rest of the world let it happen.

Other topics: the importance of help and support for immigrants when they first arrive in their new homes. The added burden they face due to the current anti-immigrant sentiment in America.

I rooted for each family, celebrated their joys and mourned with them when things went wrong. The book is based on real families and true events. The author got to know both families and wrote the book with their help and collaboration. This is the kind of book I love.
Quilts  I have been working on:

This is a piece that was dyed by another ice dyer (this one happens to have been done with liquid dyes and not ice). I bought it and turned it into this baby quilt.

I made this quilt from squares that I ice dyed. It hangs in my living room.