Sunday, January 18, 2009

24/7 Sewing

Friday after work I started sewing, and I haven't stopped yet! I'm trying to take advantage of my long weekend and get caught up on lots of projects.

Yesterday I posted the quilt top for Joanie. I made another top using more of the blocks people sent, along with some that I had forgotten I had. I mixed those together and filled in the spaces with 3-inch squares. It turned out pretty cute for being 99% unplanned, I think.

These are the pink/orange blocks I made for Project Improv. These will eventually go into a charity quilt. Wow! I can hardly wait to see the quilts that come out of this project. They definitely won't be boring.

I'm also (finally) once again working on my challenge quilt that is due for my guild's show in February. It's almost all put together, so now I can start the quilting process. I need to finish a few other projects for the show, too. I've let those deadlines sneak up on me this year!

It's 1:40 a.m., and I just finished another pink/orange block. I call it Eyeballs.


Unknown said...

Your eyeballs look like a dizzy cat! You sure have been busy!

Twisted Quilts said...

I like the scrappy look of the quilt top. I like the way you combined 9 patches with other things. Your pink and orange blocks are great. I am in awe of your persistence!

Joyce said...

I love both your quilts. I am definitely going to do some improv next after three kits in a row. You have a real talent for arrangement.

Unknown said...

Hi Carol E.

Thanks for coming over to my blog yesterday. It's always nice to see new people!

As for cooking. I would have to beg to differ on a couple points you make regarding my comment on Busy Intersection.

With six kids, I actually do help with cooking, albeit not nearly as much as Corrine does. (In the summer, the cooking duties fall to me when we fire up the grill and a lot of the meals are outside.) But it's not as if she's my hired personal chef.

Also, I disagree that if one can read, one can cook. I wish it were that simple, but reality is, my mother (who is an avid reader) is not a good cook. And it is from her that I have inherited my cooking skills, such as they are.

Corrine says hello and as busy as she is, would love to whip something up for us all to share.

Take care and come back to the blog!

(And great quilts, by the way. My mom LOVES buying Amish quilts when they go to Pennsylvania...)

Quiltycat said...

Really nice both the quilts and the improv patches too.

Pattilou said...

WOW! Do I love the orange and pink combinations and the way that you put them together is amazing! Great work, gal. You've been super busy.

08armydoc said...

WAHOOOOO for a 3 day weekend!!!! And you've been so productive - love the newest "Almost Joanie" quilt! It turned out adorable! And these improv blocks are a riot!

I have a 3 day too!!! I'd planned to ski 2 of the days, but it's toooo warm here (lots of snow, but when it's high 30s/low 40s, the snow is wet and heavy - no fun). SOOOO, I've been sewing like a little nut!

I've been on a 4 patch kick lately - for some reason, 4 patches had built up over the years, and I suddenly had a pile of probably 100-200, so I've made quite a few 4 patch tops over the past 2 months. I remembered I had a box with charm squares and went searching - lo and behold, I found a box of HSTs!!!! They're leftovers from quilts made for Gram and Mom.

Soooo, now I'm on a double kick - HSTs alone, HSTs + 4 patches, and 4 patches alone!!!

And don't forget the towering pile of crumbs!!!!

I did get 5 tops done yesterday, 1 with lots of little pieces - I'll post them all this afternoon/evening - whenever I decide to close my eyes!


Torina said...

You are amazing! Those orange and pink squares are fabulous. And that scrappy top is like a treasure where you continue to see things that you didn't before :)

As for your list...I noticed you want to adopt a child...still thinking on this, eh :) I love it :)

KateKwiltz said...

LOVE the orange and pink! That's going to be a great quilt!

Carol E. said...

My last pink/orange block, "eyeballs," really makes me think of looking down on a video cassette.

Wendy said...

Both of your quilts using the Ohio Star blocks look wonderful! The variety in the stars really makes them sparkle. A very productive long weekend it seems!