Wednesday, May 26, 2021

H2H: Front Line Workers

 I have a quilt I am going to give to the pastor at my church, but it has not yet been quilted. You get to see the uncompleted top. (And I hope she doesn't read this; I think I'm safe there. She won't see my secret plan.)

Hands2Help has encouraged us to give away a quilt to a front line worker, aka Hometown Heroes. They have all worked so hard and been so dedicated; they need some thanks for all they have done. My pastor has worked very hard and has met with some backlash. Surprisingly, some people complained to her about the fact that we were not having in-person worship during the pandemic! The staff all worked together to provide meaningful on-line worship. I know it was difficult for them to make the transition, but they made it great for the rest of us. Her job was made even harder by the fact that one of her staff members was on maternity leave, so the work load on her and the remaining staff had increased.

I found out that she gets criticized just for any old thing: the sermon topic, the hymns that were chosen, you name it. I didn't know people could be so.... petty. I know she has worked very hard and has put her heart and soul into doing the right thing. 

Anyway, I appreciate her hard work, her dedication, and her unflagging optimistic attitude, so she will be getting this quilt some time in the next couple of months. Pattern is "Magic Carpet" by I-can't-remember-who. This was a kit.

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Friday, May 21, 2021

Book Review: In An Instant

 In An Instant by Suzanne Redfearn

This one started out pretty good. A family goes on a mini-vacation into the mountains when an accident sends their car careening down a mountainside. One person dies, and the rest of the book is told through her spirit eyes, as she hangs around observing how the rest of the family copes with the tragedy and its aftermath.

An interesting point of view, but it got old really fast. It started to feel so hokey that I almost abandoned the book. I pushed through and finished it, but it's not one I can recommend. The dead-person-point of view just didn't work for me here.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Two Books

 Leave Out the Tragic Parts: A Grandfather's Search for a Boy Lost to Addiction by Dave Kindred

The author is an award-winning, retired sports writer. This book is about his grandson who develops an addiction to alcohol. The grandson spends years traveling to nowhere and everywhere by hopping freight trains. The family waits to hear from him sporadically; grandfather yearns to help his grandson and guide him out of the addiction.

This book was very sad. I found it difficult reading due to the sad nature of the true story.

Like Wind Against Rock by Nancy Kim

This is a book about family secrets and about relationships -- a daughter in her late 30s, her mother, the father had recently died. Dynamics between mother and daughter change as they adjust. When they both begin dating, their understanding of each other changes as well.

There are a couple of twists and turns. The characters are all very interesting. I enjoyed reading this story and watching the characters change over time. Well written book.