Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a Ride!

You know that saying about hoping one arrives in heaven in a great swoop, cheering with joy, "what a ride!"?? That's how I feel my summer has been (one busy time after another) and has ended (wow!).

I was so busy all summer long; mission trip to South Dakota, volunteering at a local summer school, preparing for my son's wedding, the wedding day (super fun!), short trip to the lake, a conference in Philadelphia. Now this past weekend my niece got married - another happy and wonderful event! We all had a blast, and I came home tired but happy from all the festivities. Tomorrow I have to get up bright and early and start back to work (the first day of a ten-month stint). So I feel like I'm sliding into work, after a whirlwind summer, shouting, "what a ride!"

groom's family

bride's family

first dance, with an audience of just
some of the cute little kids
that were everywhere (they had a blast)

chicken dance

Autumn dancing with her 2nd cousin

the Macarena - we kept dancing late into the night

the couple on their way out -
can you guess from his shirt
where they are headed?

Here's my great niece, one of the flower girls, aka Energizer Bunny! She wouldn't quit!

Now for me it's back to reality - back to work. Where did the summer go?? What a ride!


Unknown said...

have a great day!

Twisted Quilts said...

What beautiful wedding pictures. Yes you did have a great summer and I bet you also have a great school year. It was always fun, stressful too, to get back in the classroom. Have fun.