Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ladies of Grace 26 Aug 09

The Ladies of Grace campaign says: You are encouraged to look back over the week and recognize a moment when your heart was open, or warm - or perhaps a time when you notice your heart closed, or hardened. It's an experiment in awareness - awareness of the grace that God offers us, and the grace that we can offer to others.

So here is my story. This week I was thankful for friendship and fellowship that other people can offer to our hardened hearts.

I'm a member of a group where I've been feeling a little bored, unchallenged, and uninterested. I've been wondering if I should quit. Then we had a gathering this week, and I remembered how much I like these people. They were friendly, happy, and we all had a good time. I felt that cold wall around my heart melt off into oblivion. Thank you, group, for helping me remember to see and love the spirit in each of us! Friendship is a gift.


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