Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tithing Your Values

I love this message. I totally stole every word from Tiruba Tuba. She is one of my IRL heroes. She's so great!

"Design a beautiful day and set aside a day to actually do it.

Gratitude visit. Close your eyes and picture the one person who has had a profound positive impact in your life. Write a 300 word testimonial, then arrange a visit with them. At the visit, read the testimonial.

Do something fun, then do something philanthropic.

Tithing. What if we give away 10% of everything, not just money? Look at your values and think about what you can give away. Safety. Love. Happiness. Family. Cleanliness. Responsibility. Security. You don’t have to have a lot of money to give a lot."

All of this is sort of like the open-your-heart campaign that Beth is doing, which she calls Ladies of Grace. I'm going to really think about some of Tuba's suggestions and really do some of them. Want to join me? I'm going to share my story of what I do after a while. First I have to think, and then I have to actually do it, then I have to write about it. Stay tuned!


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I am going to design my beautiful day soon...and I have been meaning to do the gratitude visit (which would be with my daughter who has changed my life in countless ways). Thanks for the linky!