Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank You, Senator Kennedy

photo from New York Times

A giant oak has fallen, and we were all in the forest to hear it. How will we respond? In Senator Kennedy's honor, I urge all Americans to work for universal health care insurance. Please watch this video. And below the video link, please read a story that my friend, Sally, gave me permission to share. Then call or write to your legislators to demand quality, affordable health care coverage for every American.

Tonight, please light a candle in your window to memorialize Senator Kennedy.
Tomorrow, as Senator Kennedy said, "...the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die."
Tomorrow, let's re-commit ourselves to achieving the thing that mattered most to him: Quality, affordable health care for every single American.

And from Sally:

I became committed to universal health coverage last summer when my daughter was living and working in Miami. She earned $22,000/year. She paid $150/month for health insurance. She had a health issue which sent her to urgent care, and on to the hospital. Although her coverage paid for some of the costs, she owed $2,200 out of her pocket. In that one year, she spent over 25% of her income on her health expenses. She is frugal, and was able to pay off the bills over several months. No one, particularly someone with minimal income, should have to spend one-fourth of their income for health care expenses

Although she was young and single, and able to cope, it brought home to me the reality of this issue- and the crisis that families must experience when faced with an unexpected health expense or even providing routine care.

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Jill said...

thanks for posting this, carol. let's hope his legacy will be honored through coverage for all.