Friday, August 14, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

Editing/adding this info: in order to save poor Major LaF from responding to 8 million emails, please email me, and I will give you his APO address.

See this button over on my sidebar? If you are interested in sharing any sewing materials with people in Iraq, please follow the button!

A soldier who is currently in Iraq will be leaving soon. As he leaves, he wants to distribute sewing materials to the local people. That was the birth of his idea: Iraqi Bundles of Love. I set my button to lead you to the page that shows How to Build a Bundle.

If you're a typical quilter, you have loads of stuff you can share. Fabric that you will never use, extra buttons, zippers, ribbons, needles, fabric big and small. What a great way to share with people who have trouble accessing these things! Please go easy on the prints. They tend to use more solids and prints that are not pictorial. But he says "whatever you send will get used."
Time to dig through your stash and send a package! The link will show you how to get the address. And you need to do it quickly! He needs the packages by Sept 7th. [new info: package must be postmarked by Sept 7th!]

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artlaflamme said...

Oh, thank heavens Mrs. IBOL Guy made that new button -- it's so much prettier.

Thank you, giraffe lady!