Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Report

It's the end of the day, Charles successfully turned another year older (now he thinks I am pitifully young... will be for six weeks and then we'll match again.) We had a supremely lazy day... skipped church, stayed home, Charles slept in really long, watched the PGA Championship on TV. I didn't even make Charles a birthday cake, but he does have diabetes, so that's OK. I have too much of a sweet tooth as it is, with a diabetic husband, and probably tempt him too many times with all my sweets (and my naturally sweet self ) cough, hack... why do I feel like I was just struck by lightning?? As a gift today I offered him NO cake or other sweets. Except I did purchase some sweet corn which we ate for lunch AND dinner.

Today I worked on and finished a quilt that will be going to a little boy who has leukemia. I should have had it done earlier so I could take it to church and deliver it to the boy's friends who can get it directly to him. But I had procrastinated, and now I'll have to make a trip to their house for delivery. Here's a photo of the quilt:

It must be getting late tonight... I feel like cleaning the house! (I get my second wind at about 11 p.m. It's nuts!)

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Unknown said...

What? Clean?? I thought you had it all done already...I know I know and I will shut up now!

Great quilt! I love the colors!