Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Few Blocks, A Few Quilts

Tonight I sat down to read and pretty soon dozed off. I kept dreaming that my daughter was standing in the room, watching me sleep. Weird. When the phone rang I half expected Daughter to answer it as she was just standing there, after all! Then I realized I had to wake up and do it myself.

Anyway, I have done a bit of sewing lately. I'll see what pictures I can round up to show you.

These first two blocks are just for fun. Ohio Star is one of my favorite blocks to make, so when I just "feel like making a block" this is usually what I do.

The next blocks are catch-up for the Friday Block Party I have been trying to do. This summer I managed to get really far behind. But I'm pretty much caught up now - hooray! Here are some of my FBP blocks:

This rather unattractive quilt top is made all from scraps. Sometimes I like these, but this particular one doesn't do much for me. But it will keep some kid warm. Hopefully he/she will like it. (I'll probably donate this to Wrap a Smile once I get it all done.)

This is a beautiful quilt that I cannot take credit for! I was visiting a friend and saw this lovely quilt in her guest room. It was made by her grandmother. I am totally in love with quilts! Couldn't you just crawl into this bed and have a nice nap?


Twisted Quilts said...

Great blocks, I really like the third one. I don't know what it is called. I like to make random blocks myself. I found some the other day that I had forgotten about. It is fun when you don't have a specific project.

Tracey in CT said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes a quilt top doesn't thrill you, but other times an almost identical one makes you just go "WOW!". When I have one that I'm kind of not thrilled with, I make sure that I put an extra bright and cheerful super-fun kid print on the back...that way even if the child doesn't love the front, the back will be likely to please him!

Donna said...

while the scrap quilt might not be "wow" in your book, it is functional, bright and warm and will provide lots of visual interst for someone :-)

Unknown said...

I totally missed this post! Whats up with that! lol! I loved Megan's pretty!