Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ladies of Grace

Have you noticed my new Ladies of Grace button (see sidebar)? It came from Beth at Walk a Mile. She read a book (A Heart Like His) that encourages people to open their heart... it doesn't take an enormous effort. In fact, don't even do anything new. Just notice, in your normal day, where you can open your heart and be more Christ-like or God-like.

Visit Beth's blog and leave a comment; this will enter you into her drawing for a book and a couple of other prizes. Start to think about opening your heart, and how you can share Grace (a free gift of love) with those around you.

I have a story to share that happened to me... but I will post it in a few days. It happened in my normal course of daily events. I just opened up a little, and felt at peace, and had fun where I thought I wouldn't. It was a Gracious Moment.

Can you, too, be a Lady or Gentleman of Grace? I think you can. Open your heart and give it a whirl!

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Unknown said...

Thanks Carol... someone from here commented on my blog and added the button! I am happy!