Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday Women IX A and B

Autumn eating pad thai

my lunch - chicken & vegies on rice with
curry coconut sauce. Super yum!

Tuesday evening's dinner and book group discussion counts as my first Wednesday Women IX gathering. (See photos in my previous post.) Even though it was on a Tuesday, I counted it because I had not made plans for Wednesday. That was WW IX A.

Then on Wednesday DD and I ended up going shopping together and had a nice lunch at Big Bowl (yum). So I ended up having a real Wednesday Women lunch. That was my second one... WW IX B.

I have only one Wednesday Women lunch left as a free, summer-off person. I have a couple of ideas as to who it will be with, but I have to wait and see about their schedules before I'll really know. Are you curious?????


Melissa Kaye said...

Ok.....that looks DELICIOUS! YUM! I haven't been to Big Bowl in years, you have tempted me back there.

Unknown said...

Michelle Obama???