Saturday, August 15, 2009

My First Quilt

Last month a few bloggers showed photos of their first quilt. I decided to do likewise. I made this quilt ten years ago, almost exactly. First, my friend Sue from Australia visited, and she encouraged me to give quilting a try. Then I went to the cabin and asked my mom how to do a log cabin block. She couldn't show me, so she just described it.

I went home and tried to make a pot holder. I hadn't understood the verbal directions, so my "pot holder" didn't follow the traditional log cabin pattern. I liked it, though, and I decided not to stop with just one square. I kept having to go back to the fabric store and buy more fat quarters. I hadn't bought yardage, so I was sort of forced to do a scrappy version right off the bat. My pot holder turned into a somewhat scrappy quilt.

I didn't actually quilt it. I was so new, I couldn't imagine how to tackle that. So I put flannel on the back, and turned it and tied it with yarn. I use it now and then, and I'm still fond of my Quilt #1. It hardly seems like ten years since I first started quilting!


AnnieO said...

A scrappy quilter from the beginning--I love it! Does it have batting inside, or just the flannel backing? Whatever, I love the colors and that you were inspired to keep going after the first block. You were hooked for sure!

Unknown said...

What a great memory! I don't really know what the difference is but I admire your work!

Millie said...

Congratulations on a gorgeous first finished quilt and I love the fabrics you used. May the second finished quilt be very soon!