Friday, August 07, 2009

Please Touch Museum Toy Drop

When I was in Philadelphia I did a toy drop (see The Toy Society). I love doing drops in other cities and states! Charles and I stopped by the Please Touch Museum in Philly. It is Fab.U.Lous! If you have kids and make it to Philadelphia, go there! The building itself is a sight to see. We didn't even pay to go in, but we still saw that it is fantastic! (Here's an interesting note: the building was an old, abandoned thing which they bought for one dollar and refurbished. Now it is absolutely gorgeous!!)

Anyway, here's the toy drop at the Please Touch Museum. Most families approached via this ramp which was close to the parking lot. Believe me, it was hard to find a space between families when no one was coming up the ramp, and no one was looking and I could do the quick drop and photograph anonymously! But we managed. That's Charles nonchalantly strolling up the ramp, making sure no one is watching me.

We went inside, oohed and aahed, took some pictures, shopped in the store, checked out the cafeteria and did a potty stop.. came out and waited for our bus... and while waiting at the bus stop we saw a family find the toy! A few others had looked but decided not to go for it. This family did! I could tell the mom was reading the little blurb and thought it was cool! (She was trying to explain and show it to her husband who was doing his guy thing and not paying much attention.) I managed to get this picture of the little girl holding my (now her) toy. I feel comfortable posting it, because I didn't get her face. Charles stood in front of the museum, "posing" while I aimed at the family and photographed them instead of Charles. Aren't we sneaky??

This is the first time I've witnessed someone finding my toy drop, and it was SUPER FUN!

See how gorgeous this building is? Wowzers!


Donna said...

how rewarding to know first hand your toys are being loved.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Carol!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was happy to read your post about the Toy Society - I just made my first toy drop this week! (I haven't posted about it in my blog but it's # 546 on their website.) How exciting you must be to see someone find your toy!
I'd like to keep in touch!
Best wishes,
P.S. I'll be buying Buffalo for a Broken Heart after reading your post about it!

comicbooklady said...

There's a story the little girl will talk about for a long time, the day she found a toy cat! cool!