Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Golden Birthday Quilt

Quite a while ago, my friend, Beth, asked me to make a quilt for her daughter whose Golden Birthday was coming up. Her request: make it purple.

I went to a retreat in February and created this quilt. Later it was machine quilted by Diane Schotl. It has a lovely purple flannel on the back, to help the Birthday Girl feel cuddled and warm.

Today is the birthday's girl Golden Birthday! She is 14 on the 14th! Some time today she will be opening a gift which will be this quilt. I think it's safe to post it here on my blog now.

I love how it turned out; I just hope there is enough purple in it. After I made the Log Cabin pattern, I worried a little about all the lighter areas that are not purple. However, it's so pretty, how could anyone be disappointed?! I hope it is not disappointing. Overall, does it read purple to you? The outside border is more purpley than it appears in these photos.

I had fun photographing it in a few different places, and Beth has promised pictures of the Birthday Girl with the quilt. I'll share those with you later.

Later: Here she is with her quilt. Happiness!


Unknown said...

It is absolutely beautiful and she is wrapped up in as I type...yes it is purpley enough...it is perfect! Love love love!

AnnieO said...

Totally gorgeous! Purple is notoriously difficult to photograph but I see plenty of purple--and the birthday girl's joy is evident!

I also had my Golden Birthday at age 14--except I had never heard the term back then. No recollection at all what I received that year for gifts--but if it were a quilt I think I'd remember!

joe tulips said...

this is beautiful. Adding the extra/other colors makes it even better. If the border is purple, and there is purple in the blocks it will say, "I am a purple quilt"
She must love it!!