Monday, August 20, 2012

It's a Quilt!

Feeling of satisfaction.. can you sense it oozing out of me? I made this quilt for my new great-niece, CLS, this little cutie:

I pulled out the quilt top, the table I use for basting, cut backing and batting. Then read my book, took a nap, tried to work up enthusiasm for quilting. Getting it all ready to go is one of my hurdles. Not a fun process.

Finally I decided that it would be worth proceeding, as I love the happiness of a finished quilt. So I charged ahead, and now it is done, and I feel satisfied and happy. I quilted in so-called straight lines. I learned from Pat those are called "organic" lines. Great name!

The backing is a sheet I got from my mother, CLS's great-grandmother. I thought it would be cool to use that fabric that has the family connection.

I probably won't see CLS for another month, unless I make a special trip. I might do a special trip, if I can find the time. Otherwise, she will receive this quilt next month.

The fabric with numbers is soft-as-a-cloud minkee. LOVE it.

I decided to keep this part of the sheet on the backing so she will have the lace flippy-flap to play with.

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