Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A New Ruler

I don't usually post tips, pointers or tutorials, but I thought just this once I would talk about my new ruler.

It is called Wing Clipper and is designed by Deb Tucker. I have not looked at her web site, but it's here. I am guessing she'll have information about her ruler at her web site. I have also seen it in quilt shops.

We had a speaker at our guild who demonstrated and recommended it. The ruler is for making accurate flying geese. I've always liked making flying geese, and thought I was doing sort of OK on them, but once in a while they're funky, which is not so fun when I don't want funky. I decided to buy the ruler and see how it works for me.

I am happy I bought it! It definitely has helped my flying geese accuracy, and it's pretty easy to use. Here is a block that I was so pleased with, because it is almost perfect. I didn't lose points when I sewed it into the quilt top, and the middle point is just about perfect, too, don't you think? This is thanks to the ruler, Wing Clipper.

Now I won't make flying geese without my Wing Clipper(unless my goal is funky, of course).

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