Friday, August 10, 2012

Depressed, or is it Naive?

OK, I'll admit what I did was stupid. I shared a photo of Obama at my Facebook page. Then, I had the audacity to ask people to please not reply if they disagreed with me. I said "just for today." I'm feeling sad about how vitriolic the arguments are these days. I did not want even one negative word, and that's all I asked for. One day with no negativity about one happy picture that I posted. If you disagree, go ahead and disagree, but do it elsewhere. Just today.

Like I said, I guess that was just plain stupid. Some people can't keep their yaps shut, even for a day. To be honest, I am practically in tears because one person couldn't shut up. For one day. He waited a whole 37 minutes.

I am so tired of the polarized, dysfunctional place we have turned the USA into. We can no longer even disagree, or ask for one day of respect, without getting lambasted.

What hurts more is that the person who responded negatively (twice, I might add) is the husband of one of my very good friends. Wish he could have respected me long enough to just keep quiet. For a day.

I guess that is asking too much in this horrible climate we have created. And.. it is Facebook, after all. I guess I was asking way too much.

We all bleed the same. I would gladly give this blood of mine to save the life of the person who dissed me at Facebook. Just wish he would have let me have my one day of peace. (I didn't even get one hour.)


Unknown said...

facebook is so unpredictable...I just don't try to post anything from me on there! I know I have some "liked" pages that are political and pop up but they are not my words! I just don't do it anymore! Not worth it!
Hoping you are okay!

Nancy said...

Unfortunately politics is a fire-starter. I hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs!

Patricia said...

You were probably asking too much, but remember whatever was said, YOU have the power to decide that it will not affect you negatively. Just like that person had their opinion, YOU have yours, and know that MANY others share your views, probably more than that person even thinks.

Have a better day tomorrow!

AnnieO said...

Oh, what a complete bummer, Carol! I frequently find Facebook a disappointment and hardly ever post anything myself, though I will "like" a photo or comment occasionally. People, in these days of instant communication, like to think of it as "being honest" when they respond with their first thought; it my book it is called THOUGHTLESS NESS, because they are taking no time to consider the other person AT ALL. Your request was clear; and it was clearly ignored. I'm sorry!

Sextant said...

You are not the first person to complain about this. Another internet friend of mine was brutally attacked because of some policy comments she made on her Facebook page.

In some ways I understand this, I myself can not talk rationally about politics so I generally avoid the subject and never bring it up in a public forum.

It would be nice to blame this all on the media, which I do think shares some of the blame, but much of the blame falls on ourselves. We have allowed our selves to become insular and politically righteous. The media senses this of course and provides us with the product that we want to buy, further alienating us into camps. The middle is being gutted or disgusted.

We have forgotten to be Americans first and members of a political party second, worse perhaps is that we collectively may be becoming party members over our basic humanity. That is a dangerous thing.

joe tulips said...

don't let it get to you. I am on the other side as far as politics go. I watched how ridiculously mean others were to Bush.
Be tough.