Saturday, August 18, 2012

Prison Library Project

As you know, I love books and love to read. I also like to support projects that encourage reading. For that reason I sometimes send donations to the Prison Library Project. You can read about it here.

They try to fulfill book requests from prisoners and try to support prisoners' efforts to better themselves through reading. Many are working on GEDs, for example, or are trying to improve their knowledge of English. The requests often include various dictionaries, reference books, or inspirational books on how to re-route one's life. I'm all for learning and working on self while in prison!

Recently I found out that the Prison Library Project is doing a fundraiser. They are asking for Mail Art -- art which is actually sent through the mail and will then be sold for their fundraising efforts. I don't know who their customers are or whether anyone would want to buy what I created, but here it is. I sat up late one night, until about 2:30 AM, working on this.

It's about the size of 4 postcards.. I started out wanting just to send one fabric postcard, but it grew. I still need to get the backing stuff that turns it into a mailable product.

If anyone is interested in sending some Mail Art, please click on the Postmarked 2012 button I added to my sidebar. You'll probably have to scroll down a bit to find it. It should be linked up with the Postmarked 2012 information. At that site they also post pictures of the art as they receive it. The examples so far are fun and inspirational! Deadline to get your art to them (in California) is Sept 30, 2012.


joe tulips said...

I love mail art! Now you have me wanting to go decorate something and mail it! I went through all the submissions so far. What fun. Love yours. I think I will get out the paint and papers!

Anonymous said...

YOu find such interesting projects!!