Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Books: Something Different

Once again I cannot review a book, as I am still reading two books, which always confuses me and slows me down. Not knowing which one to focus on, I ignore them both.

I'll share something else with you, however. A while back I posted about the Prison Library Project and the mail art campaign they have going on.

I finished my large-size fabric postcard. It's about 8"x 10". Here it is:

I have to confess, I chickened out on mailing it. I didn't want some postal clerk to make comments or dissuade me from sending it.. so I just dropped it in a mail box outside with hopes that it will go through and reach its destination.

You may be surprised to see the wide variety of mail art they are receiving. They post pictures of everything that arrives. They are getting regular envelopes, postcards, fabric stuff, money, 3-D plastic boxes, and even a decorated bottle -- all came through the mail. Take a look at the art projects here.

I sent a more "normal" one about ten days ago, and you can see it on their site. It is number 150 and says it's from Carol, Minnesota. Well, you can also see it here. This is the picture of it:

When I doodle, this is what I draw. I always start with a house, and sometimes I expand it like I did here. There's a guy on the deck with a telescope.. sometimes I turn it into a winter scene with snowmen, and sometimes there's a dog and a doghouse. Whatever it is, this is my go-to doodle picture. Inside this envelope I put a picture postcard of Minnesota. I don't know if anyone will want to pay for my doodles! Who do they get to buy these mail art items??

While this is not my usual book review on a Friday, it is related to books as this mail art project is a fundraiser for the Prison Library Project which provides books to prisoners. They try to honor requests, many of which are for dictionaries and books to help people get a GED or learn English. Great project, in my opinion!

Did you follow the link? What do you think of all the cool mail art items??


Unknown said...

I get so few private mailings these days. all internet mail seems to be for me. I think your doodle idea may get me to mail a few letters.
I can only get my head around one book at a time...confusion would take over otherwise.

Sextant said...

The fabric post card is really cool, and I like your doodled envelope.

How did you handle the postage on your cloth art? Is that the scattered stamps?

I hope it goes through, it will be a shame if it gets waylaid.

Very cool!

joe tulips said...

If you ever find out who these bidders are, tell me. I love your stuff. I am sure your big one will go I just have to watch for it.