Thursday, August 09, 2012

Low Volume Quilts

Have you heard of Low Volume quilts? Recently I saw this described on another blog. I realized that what I had been saving as the old, boring name, neutrals, were now known as something way more interesting: Low Volume.

There is a Flickr group dedicated to Low Volume quilts, and there are some real beauties there. One I remember was made by the blogger at Nifty Quilts. I became inspired and pulled out my neutral scraps, I mean -- my Low Volume scraps. I came up with this top:

I plan to add a border soon. I have a possible fabric in mind, but I'm not positive it's the right one. I am thinking I might make this my first-ever scalloped edge border. I have done scallops "unofficially" before, using the free-slashing method, but there are ways to do scalloped edges that I have not yet learned, using a ruler designed for that method and getting the scallops evenly spaced. It might be time for me to learn this skill.

This top has some lace placed on it randomly. The lace was saved in the same bin with my Low Volume scraps, so I thought "why not?" Here are some photos of the ways I used the lace and just some close-ups of the fabrics in this top.

So far I really like this top, and I look forward to getting it all done and experiencing it as a cuddly quilt. I think it'll be a nice one. Stay tuned!


BrendaLou said...

Low volume quilts....hunh, who would have thought! I just thought those were neutral quilts. I guess I'm just too old-fashioned and not "modern." I like them, I make them, I just didn't know what I was doing. I like yours too!

Louise said...

That's a sweet quilt, and a great way to use up odds-n-end lace bits. I like the label "low volume"..I call those quilts "mindless", when I just don't want to concentrate too hard on matching and deciding!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Oh Oh Oh -- a place to incorporate the saved bit of lace from my wedding dress . . . what an awesome idea (I've already started a LV project).


joe tulips said...

Wow, it is beautiful. The lace is a fantastic addition. And the scallop border idea fits right in with this. Good idea.