Sunday, August 12, 2012


pretty flowers in my friend's garden - she has a green thumb!

Thank you for your comments about my recent sad/stupid/naive post. I'm feeling fine now. Sometimes I get kind of down about various things: politics will do it to me in a hurry, so I try to avoid it. But it's hard to avoid it during an election year, and I do like to try to keep up with what's going on in the world, so I end up listening to news, watching news, reading news... and then I get depressed again.

As one of my readers says, it's my choice as to how much I let that stuff affect me. I need to not give it so much power. And FACEBOOK?? What a dumb place to expect normal interactions. Nope, I am not going to give Facebook that power any more.

We have had a few days in a row of gorgeous weather. I sat outside Friday evening, reading, and it was BEAUTIFUL. We ordered a pizza, it came right to me in my reading chair, and I stayed outside to eat it. Hubby joined me. Very lovely, peaceful evening.

Today at church the team who went to Rosebud Reservation gave their report. It was very uplifting. I felt very happy that it had gone so well, and I hope I will be back with them next year. I have missed two years in a row of our Rosebud trips. Time to get back on that team.

I have a few work shifts to look forward to this week, and then it will be Hubby's birthday.. a Big One this year! Party coming up soon!! That will bring more happiness. Hooray!


Sextant said...

Your post was neither stupid or naive. It is sad though, people have to be right (in their own minds) more than respectful and courteous. That is sad.

Your friend is right, it is ultimately up to us to decide how FB affects us, and there is a valuable lesson it that. You know how you felt over this incident. Think about these poor kids today who not only get to live the idiocy of high school society at school, but also get to live it in full rotten detail at home on Facebook. They can tune in and see photos of their bad hair day or their zit, read about their latest relationship failures, and rumors of who they hooked up with. I have read that many high school and college girls run their lives similar to celebrities, they can't just run out and pickup a pizza without putting on make up, doing their hair, and dressing stylish. Their paparazzi "friends" with the ubiquitous camera phones may get a shot of them in slob mode and post it on FB. Is it any wonder that every now and again we read of a teen suicide attributed to FB?

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you and on FB that is why there is that little button that says you may delete, or better still...block that person who didn't show respect for you. I like FB, but quite often the dribbles that come out are sometimes drools and he did that...a bit of an off day for him too I suspect.
We, here in Canada are not into politics such as the US, so it seems Americans, either love or hate what ever party they support. Never a good word said about the "other" side. Too bad.
I for one admire Michelle O as she sure presents the country well and talks the nutrition aspect so well.
Forget about it! As Tony S would have said.