Monday, December 03, 2012

What Are We Going to Do?

I couldn't even bring myself to post a picture of a real gun. This is the closest I could come.

Too many guns and too much gun violence!! I am feeling distraught at all the gun violence going on lately. Well, by "lately" I probably mean for the last 300 years here in America. When are we going to give up our love affair with guns?

Just in the last couple of weeks:
* two teens (cousins) shot to death by a home-owner, during what he alleges was a life-threatening home invasion -- if the news accounts of his own story can be trusted, it sounds more like murder than an act of self-defense; both teens were shot first in their legs and later in their head and chest, multiple times. Essentially they were murdered for doing something stupid. (This happened in Small Town, Minnesota.)

* a police officer, responding to a call for help, was ambushed and shot to death. He was the father of 4 young children. (This happened in Small Town, Minnesota.)

* a 22 year-old young mother of a 3 month-old baby was shot and killed by her boyfriend, who then shot and killed himself - leaving their baby an orphan. (The boyfriend was a professional NFL player.)

Most women who die in domestic violence die as a result of gun shots. The second highest leading cause of death of 15-24 year-olds is homicide (usually by gun).

There are so many good people who want this carnage to stop. Why can't we accomplish some form of gun control?? We need to work MUCH harder on this issue and protect each other. I realize the issues of homicide and suicide are complicated. But we must address them and work together to DO SOMETHING. My heart hurts. I need to do something. Not sure what, but I'm going to start by writing (1) this blog and (2) to my legislators. How about you?

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Sextant said...

In what may be a case of The Atlantic losing its editorial mind, they offer a unusual solution generally only advocated by the NRA, let more people carry guns. I haven't read this article yet, but here it is:

Just what we need! Instead of people getting trampled to death and doused with pepper spray on Black Friday mayhems, we can solve shopping disputes in a hail of bullets.

Unfortunately, I personally do not have much optimism for any meaningful gun control. Look at the nonsense that rages over the ban of assault weapons. What society can justify the need for civilian ownership of assault weapons? Why would such a ban have an expiration date?

Carol E. said...

I know. It is very discouraging, even thinking of taking on this topic. I haven't written to my legislators yet. Do I want to waste my breath? My current Dem senators probably already agree with me but can't fight the holy NRA, either. Ick!!!!