Monday, December 10, 2012

You, Too, Could Have This Much Fun!

Hubby having a blast, shoveling. You could have this much fun, too. Just move to Minnesota, aka, MinneSNOWta.

I'm only being halfway facetious. As we get older, the shoveling and the hassle of snow are getting tougher to deal with. I now understand Snow Birds! However, I still love snow and love Minnesota. This morning on my way to work, even though roads were icy and driving speeds were slow, I just loved all the beauty of snow-draped trees against bright, blue sky. Usually after a snowstorm, the sun comes out, and it is so pretty! I do love living in Minnesota.

All this snow and the Christmas lights put me in the mood for Christmas. I decided that the above, at my house, is Santa's favorite chimney.


Sextant said...

Whoa that is some serious snow. Glad you love it, and may you keep it. I love the tree lights in the snow.

My back aches looking at the picture of your husband shovelling.

Scrapatches said...

Hello ... I am a new follower. I followed the verb "sew" on Scraps and Strings Blog and it lead me to your 60th Birthday Post. Happy Belated Birthday! I celebrated my 60th also in September and I do not feel any older either. I have reading thrugh your blog following the verbs and it makes me smile. I think "beckon" is my favorite. It beckoned me to come back and see how your verb quilt reads ... :) Pat

Sherrill said...

Ummm, yes it's beautiful but I'll enjoy it thru pix, thanks! lol I'm freezing right now and would HATE to have to get out in that!

BrendaLou said...

so you started your post with me in mind, right? Moving to's going to be a reality. Next winter's snow will be MY snow too. Love your are quite talented.

Quilter Kathy said...

Love these wonderful snowy photos but wouldn't want to drive in it!