Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Must Be Time to Clean: I'm Quilting

I started another quilt. Here it is, so far:

I worked on this when I should have been cleaning my house. If you have been around for a while, you know this is my M.O. Needing to clean my house is my biggest quilting motivator. Since I hate cleaning to the Nth degree, I instead am wildly inspired to sew, and it feels like I must give in to that strong desire to create.

We are "crisis cleaners" in this household. Even with plenty of notice, we'll put off cleaning until the last minute and then clean in "crisis" mode, when it's at the last minute, and the guests are about to arrive. Crazy, but it's us.

I did manage to get this much done. Put clean sheets on this bed and put my newest quilts on it, for our son who will be coming home for Christmas in a couple of days. To be honest, though, I can't show you a wide angle shot of the room, because behind the camera lies the mess which I must still organize to make the whole room look inviting.

Right after I got this bed looking wonderful, the cat thought this to himself, "Oh! What a lovely place for a nap! How nice of her to create it for me!"

P.S. I wrote the snail-mail letter to my Rep. who votes too much on the side of guns. It'll go out in today's mail. I've done my small part to save the world.

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