Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nook Covers

My daughter owns a Nook (e-reader), and Santa Claus brought a Nook to my husband and also to my son. So I got busy making Nook covers. (I own a Kindle and had made covers for that a couple of years ago.)

It was fun to make these few; I made two for my son, one for my daughter, one for my husband, and one (not yet pictured) for my sister. I still prefer making quilts, however.

Here the Nook covers:

Some attach with a tab and velcro, and others with a loop and a button.

a look at the insides - a pocket on the left and elastic for the Nook on the right.

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Sextant said...

I missed this one. Cool. You ought to go into production.

I like the cloth covers, (I have a canvas cover by M-Edge for my Kindle) because they have some friction and won't fall out of my lap when I fall asleep. The leather and smooth plastic covers can be quite slippery. Reading for me has turned into a nap interrupted with paragraphs.