Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Books: Alaska

Tlingit Baby Mocassins, purchased in Alaska from a Tlingit woman.. white fur is rabbit, brown is seal skin. Little "kooteeyaa" (totem pole), purchased in Pacific NW, represents the carving of Tlingit Indians as well as tribes from the Washington state area. They are well known for their totem poles - Tlingit word is "kooteeyaa."

The Eagle's Shadow by Nora Martin

This is a kid's book which I bought at a library sale. I intended to donate it elsewhere, but after reading it, I have decided it should stay in my family for a while.

This is the story of a young girl. Her single-parent-father must go off to serve in WWII. She is sent to live with relatives she has never met. They are Tlingit Indians in a small village in the Juneau, Alaska area. This story interested me, because my husband's grandmother was a Tlingit Indian. She died before I ever met my husband, so I was not lucky enough to learn about her heritage directly from her.

The story is somewhat predictable, at least for an adult reader. Yet I enjoyed this story and think my relatives will, as well. The characters are loving and wise, and the story is sweet. I think we should keep the book in our family and share it. Eventually our youngest, my five year-old great nephew, may be interested in reading it, also.

I give it 3.5 stars out of five.

Christmas tree ornament I bought in Alaska. The mocassins are Eskimo style, made by a Tlingit woman who married an Eskimo.

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Sextant said...

Lovely moccasins and ornaments. It is neat that your have this culture within your family.