Saturday, December 01, 2012

Day 1: 8 O'Clock

I am going to attempt to post a photo every day following a list I saw at Facebook. Day one, December 1, is "8 O'Clock." Here's mine.. 8:00 PM. This is the extent of our outdoor Christmas lights this year. I have never had anyone from my home establishment interested in helping me hang lights up high, so I just have to flop them where I'm able. I think I'm the only one who cares if I get lights put out, so it's totally up to me. Usually I put them in some bushes or small trees. This year it's even more low-key than ever. I think they'll look better with a bit of snow around them. If it turns into a normal winter, they'll be completely buried before long.

Almost forgot! My Gratitude list:

1) very nice music at church gathering today
2) some laughs during a business meeting, of all places
3) warm night in which I finished my Christmas shopping! Hooray!
4) had fun wrapping a few Christmas gifts
5) we started using our heated mattress pad; sure is nice climbing into a pre-heated bed!


Sextant said...

Putting up exterior lights is a young folks task.

Where I work there was two different retired guys that fell off ladders and died while putting up Christmas lights. Not how I intend to check out! (Although the house explosion in Indianapolis has revised my 99th year furnace explosion...I only want to take out my wife and I In flagrante delicto not the entire neighborhood.)

Aside from that, I like your husband hate messing with lights. My poor wife has to do it. No, I won't let her on ladders. She does put them up in the windows on the inside of the house only.

AnnieO said...

Pretty! My hubby puts up lights around the lower eaves but doesn't like heights so the upper eaves are usually bare. That's okay! I would like to put lights in our frontyard tree but would have to do it myself, and that's okay too :)

BrendaLou said...

hoping Mr. Scottie Dog gets up a few lights before the grandkids arrive....and a tree too! So much to do.