Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vim and Vigor

April A-Z Challenge: V is for Vim and Vigor

Vim and vigor... I don't have any! My new job is draining all my energies. What I'm doing is reading written tests taken by school children. These are the required tests that each state gives under No Child Left Behind. This particular company for which I now work hires a boatload of people to read and score the tests. They contract with different states, so what I'm working on now is tests from ___ oops, I can't tell you.

The training was harder than I expected, and very mentally exhausting. That took two days plus a part of a morning, then I got transferred right into the test scoring. I am sitting in a room of about 60 people all working at computer stations, reading and scoring essays. All. Day. Long. It's kind of fun! It's kind of tedious! Everyone is concentrating and working very hard. You'd never guess there are 60 people in the room. It's quiet as a library.

At the end of the day I come home and can't do much, because my vim and vigor have vamoosed! But it's a temporary assignment, so I think I can survive the hard work. I'll be happy to get my vim and vigor back, whenever that happens! Victory!

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AnnieO said...

Sitting and staring at a computer all day can definitely be draining! I hope you take a few moments each hour to get up and move and stretch a bit, or else you'll need a massage by tomorrow :)