Friday, April 15, 2011


April A-Z Challenge: J is for Jump!

Several years ago I saw a book by a professional photographer. He had taken portraits of many famous people. One extra pose he liked to request is for his subjects to jump! He made a book called "Jump" using all these jump portraits. He had photos of famous people jumping: Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth, and Marilyn Monroe are three that I remember. All the jumps were so different according to the person's personality. It was so cool that I decided to collect some Jump pictures, too.

Over the years I think of it, sporadically, and take some jump photos if people are willing. I always forget when I have the cool opportunities! (Like when I'm at a famous landmark, for example.) I have a variety of jumps, too: some very crazy and some sedate, straight-legged jumps.

Very few of my jump pictures are available digitally. These are what I could find. I hope I remember to take more jump pictures!!! There is something about them that just makes a person smile.


Anonymous said...

Fun photos!

Pattilou said...

Such a fun idea! Surely can add some frivolity to family pictures!

Sarah said...

What a neat idea - will have to add this to my family shots.