Wednesday, April 06, 2011


April A-Z Challenge: B for Babies

a baby and mommy from Canada

I love babies! When I had children, I LOVED taking care of them as babies. I'm a good baby mama. Maybe not so great at the older ages, but I definitely gave my babies a good, healthy start in life. I kept them safe and warm and fed and loved and cherished, and they gifted me by being great sleepers (BOTH of them! How lucky is that?!)

Have you seen the movie "Babies?" I think it's a National Geographic production. You can get it from Netflix or the library. It's about 1 hr 20 min. long and worth watching. There is no dialogue!! So you don't even have to know English or have intact hearing to enjoy this movie.

The movie focuses on 4 babies from the day of birth until they start walking (around age 1). One baby is in Namibia, one in Mongolia, one in Japan, and one in the USA. It is fascinating to see how DIFFERENT their lives are, yet how they are all the same. One grows up crawling around in dirt, naked all the time, playing with rocks and sand. Another lives in a high-rise apartment, wears diapers, has toys and lots of city life and shopping and lights and action all around. All 4 of the babies are cute, clever, inquisitive, responsive to the moms or dads, interested in other children, learn to babble, crawl, walk. It's just cute! (And I developed a favorite among the 4 babies. If you have seen the movie, did you have a fave, too?)

Last Sunday in church I watched a super cute baby and her funny expressions, and her goofy hair going every which way. So adorable. I wasn't close enough to grab and hold her, though. I have been known to do that.

Babies love everyone and have the open hearts that our Higher Powers wish we would all have toward each other. You can see that in the movie "Babies." Let's learn from babies.


Unknown said...

Babies, I love their so new smell!
My grandchildren, when they were babies loved to cuddle in "nana's boobs' as they were called.

Sarah said...

I've seen the movie. Their lives were so totally different but the same in so many ways - in what they were offered from their culture and their family. Some of the babies were quite coddled compared to the others, and I can't say it helped them much in their development. Can't say that I picked a favorite tho.