Saturday, April 02, 2011

Tick Tock

We got a Grandfather clock!!! Our friendly neighborhood Grandfather made it for us! My hubby's dad (my FIL) has made one for each of his five children, and one for himself. We are the last to get one, and I'd sort of thought we never would. This was because of Hubby, who had certain demands about the design, not because of FIL.

All the others were made YEARS ago. Decades ago! Then when they moved back to Minnesota, FIL wanted something to do. So at age 90 he went back to woodworking and using electric tools, which scared MIL. But, as you can see, he was quite successful, and only hurt himself a tiny bit.(An occasional nick causing tiny loss of blood.)

Hubby will now have the task of staining and finishing it and getting it fully assembled. You can see the glass doors and decorative thingies to the side. That's the technical term: decorative thingies. I know! I didn't think I had the woodworking vocabulary down, either! But apparently I do!

Isn't it beautiful? Already I love having the tick tock sounds and the chimes on the quarter-hours. So soothing and homey! Tonight will be our first test: will the chimes be enjoyable overnight, or should we switch it to silent during sleeping hours?


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Oh - it is beautiful...and looks well worth the wait.

AnnieO said...

Gorgeous! Your hubby and FIL did a fantastic job of it! We have a hanging wall clock that has Westminster chimes on the hour (battery operated). I never hear it at night since I am used to it, but new visitors think its the doorbell, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear how the chimes go for you overnight! I'm a light sleeper, apaprently, so mine are OFF! I have a small house, though. The clock is beautiful.

MaryK said...

How wonderful -- this is the first I have seen it. Nice! I love the chimes at night and get perturbed when they are shut off. Can't wait to see and hear it in person.

woolywoman said...

oh, wow! what a gift! Did you get him to sign it somewhere?

Also, I think the decorative thingys are called sashing..

Patrick said...

As owner of your father-in-law's first GF clock, I can tell you with confidence that you won't notice the chimes or gongs at night, or may even appreciate them. They'll even be fine if you nap in your living room. You may want to turn them off if you nap on your dining room table, however.