Friday, April 22, 2011


April A-Z Challenge: Q is for Quiltiness

You all know I love quilts. It was easy to figure out what I would choose for my letter Q topic.

I have been making quilts since August 1999. I wish I had kept an exact count. I have made hundreds. Luckily I've had lots of help finishing them, the slowest part of the process for me. If it were up to me to finish every single quilt top I make, I may even have given up the whole craft obsession. Finishing them is hard and for me, tedious.

I love it when I can give away tops. See my letter P post of yesterday. Here are pictures of a few more I added to the box for Margaret's Hope Chest. In all I am sending her 7 quilt tops!

With this and similiar opportunities to send tops away, and with the quilting help I get from others, I'm able to keep Quiltiness in my life. That makes me happy!

I've had these blocks made for many years. Margaret's Hope Chest collection spurred me into putting them together into this top... finally!

a small quilt, about 30 inches square.. hope MHC can use it or enlarge it without too much work

The next two tops were made by others.. I don't remember who, and I don't remember how they ended up in my possession. Time to move them along.

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AnnieO said...

Wow, I am impressed at the hundreds number! I've been quilting for 10 years but have made probably about 50. Still working my way through the family...I do all my own quilting on my home sewing machine and it is difficult, I agree. Wish I could afford custom quilting on some of the bigger projects! Love your tops you're moving along, great idea.