Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Learning From Others

my neighborhood decked out in fresh snow

If you have been reading my blog for more than a year, you probably know that I have periodically declared that I was starting an exercise program. I posted every day how far I walked or what I did... however, it never lasted long.

Well, I'm trying again. I have been a member of the Y for a long time. Several years, in fact. But I rarely go. I have hesitated to quit, because I want to be the type who goes. But, history has shown me that I'm not. I hate taking the time to drive over there, trudge inside, use a machine, and trudge back to the car and home again. I'd much rather just go out my front door and take a walk. So I'm going to cancel my membership and focus on walking in my neighborhood. (I learned from watching myself.)

For over 30 years my husband, Charles, has been walking 3 miles a day. Weather does not deter him. He walks in heat, cold, rain, snow, sun, clouds, everything. What a great example he sets. He often talks to me about his route, and more frequently talks about his clothing options. He has knitted himself two scarves and a headband, he has a new face mask, he has wind pants and a new jacket that is a great windbreaker and just the right warmth factor for a brisk walk (which warms him up) on a freezing cold day. It's hard to get the right combination of clothing in our climate, but he has pretty much mastered it, I think.

Today I walked about 3/4 of a mile. It was so pleasant! My neighbor was outside, and I chatted with him, and the walk iself was so plesant on a gorgeous day. Hopefully I will keep this up. I want to be like Charles... maybe by the time he retires, I will have worked my way up to 3 miles, and we can walk together. That will give me time to accumulate the right combination of outdoor clothing, too. (Learning from Charles.)

My sister-in-law has been in the hospital this week. She is only one year older than I am. She has diabetes and heart issues. She had a third stent put in this week. Diabetes runs in my side of the family, too, and the doctors keep warning me to lose weight and exercise in an attempt to head it off. So far I've been lucky even though I have not followed their advice. Today's walk is my first day of my attempt (once again) to be healthier. I don't want to get diabetes, and I don't want to make the hospital my second home, having recurring heart issues. (Learning from SIL.)

I am trying to be nicer, less of a nag, more positive, and accepting. (Learning from in-laws and friends. BTW, Happy 91st birthday today to my FIL.)

Today is a gorgeous, glorious, blue and gold day. Even though it's cold (it was 13 deg F when I walked this morning), it's beautiful. Yesterday's snowfall freshened up the world, and I am enjoying the beauty. Living in the moment. Trying not to get sick of snow. (Learning from people at church and from God in my heart.)

From whom have you learned recently?


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Charles et moi ready for a work shift at Feed My Starving Children


Unknown said...

I feel like I have been so stagnant lately..this is a great post! Come check out what I posted..maybe that will help keep you motivated.. I am still thinking about whom I learned from lately...

Ahhh I know from my daughter...but I can't really talk about it!lol

Megs said...

LOVE the picture!
I've been back into a workout routine for a full month now, but this morning I woke up with a horrible kink in my neck and back... I think I have to skip today and I'm worried I'll get of course! But with you and Beth posting about getting back into exercise, maybe you'll keep me inspired! :)
Great post - I'll think about who I am learning from, too!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

I learn from the challenging resilient and amazing children I foster and have adopted and I also learn from the cool blogs I read (like yours). Love the pic of you and hubby. Your blissful smiles speak to the joys of volunteering!

AnnieO said...

Exercise is hard for people (like me!) who don't do it as a daily part of their routine. I always get going too fast the first couple of times out and get shin splints or blisters and can't walk far for a few days so then I am back to square one. But I like the idea of just going out my front door to exercise!