Monday, February 07, 2011

Fun Stuff and 30 Photos: 8

This weekend I had a lot of fun playing at my sewing machine. Look at this funky house. I could not figure out what I had done! LOL... I think the problem was trying to sew early in the morning before my brain was awake. Notice the chimney embedded in the middle of that odd-ball roof! After I took this picture, I figured out what I'd done, and I fixed it.

Then I made more house blocks.

Just wondering: do you recognize the setting of this house? What kind of house is it?

And I played with scraps that will be a quilt top pretty soon.. to look something like this:

And here is my 30 Days of Photos assignment for Day #8:
a picture that makes me laugh

I LOVE this picture!! It is used on our wall at church sometimes.. and always makes me laugh. I took a chance on finding it through Google and found it! Does it make you laugh, too?


JeannetteLS said...

Yes, that photo makes me--not laugh, but smile broadly. Now you are going to know JUST how crazy I am, though, when I tell you I recognized the first as a Picasso House, if Picasso could have quilted. And I LIKED it. I think your quilts make me smile. I picture a child's room with the house quilt--one version on the wall, another on her bed. Never mind... I enjoy your site.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

A beach cottage on a cloudy day in after a fabulous rain and thunderstorm...the ocean waves are churned up and the beach is calling to put aside the stack of books and cup of tea and go for a walk on the damp sand.....

Barb in Mi said...

Yep, it sure makes me smile!
Concerning your house: I thought it was a big bird (chimney - beak) sitting on a flat-roof house ;-)
Eek - that made me laugh, too.
Love your snails' house...