Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Book and Some Photos

When I was in Georgia I bought a book by a local author: Louder Than Thunder by Cheryl Hawkins. The author lived in New Orleans. She and her father stayed home and rode out the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. This book is her story of living through the storm, escaping the rising waters, where they went for shelter, and the helpful people they met along the way. Hawkins eventually settled in Atlanta and has made a new life for herself there.

The book was a quick read and interesting to get an insider's perspective on what those days were like.

Here is my photo journal of my little trip to Georgia. I had a great time!

J. and I enjoyed an outdoor lunch on my first day there... so gorgeous and warm in the sun!

I requested a tour of a Civil War cemetery

I liked the shadow of this tree.

My friend, J, has this adorable dog.. I love him!

J. plays tennis. Her team was in a battle for first place (and succeeded!). I got to watch from this nifty seating area and enjoyed the beautiful weather and great view of all the courts. (As a Snow Queen, I was amazed that they could play outdoor tennis -- in shorts -- in February!)

We found a quilt walk! Here are some of the quilts found on sides of stores... so cool.

This is a couple of real quilts, for sale in an antique store. Both were hand quilted and so beautiful, and out of my price range.

This is an empty shop space that I think someone should fill with a quilt and/or yarn shop. Next time I visit I'd be happy to shop there! Anyone??

On my last day there, we went to visit an "old" friend of mine from college days. This is his beautiful back yard.. that's his deck at the bottom of the hill.

me on the left, and J. -- a picture of me that I actually like! (J. always looks good.)

J, me, K (my friend's wife), and M (my "old" college friend.. it was great to see him again)

After all that nice sunshine, this is what I came home to. 14 inches of snow fell while I was basking in Georgian sunshine. My poor husband was sick the whole time, and only managed enough energy to shovel this little path. He had to leave the house, because the furnace went out, and he needed to go buy a part. Not a fun way to spend some sick days. We plan to finally get all the snow removed by tomorrow afternoon.

Eventually that gorgeous spring weather like I enjoyed in Georgia will arrive in Minnesota. Right now it feels like forever.......


AnnieO said...

I like your trip journal! Sounds like you had a good mix of outings and lounging and shopping and visiting. Sorry for your poor hubby being sick, cold, and having to shovel snow to fix the furnace!

Julie Sharer said...

Love the pic of you & me!! Wow, your time here went by so fast. But I'll get to see you again in 5 months! Thanks for coming to hang out with me. :-)