Monday, February 14, 2011

I Sleep On Edge

a close-up so you can see my name, Carol

Here's a pillow that I am entering in a contest. Some of you have seen it before, but this post is my official entry in the contest, so you get to see it again. Contest is at Stitched in Color, by Rachel.

The pillow is made from fabric selvage edges. I've had it in the works for a while, but I finally pulled it out and finished it recently, so Rachel says it counts as a current project. I finished it in time to display in our current guild's quilt show. Here's a picture of it displayed at the show.

It's so new in my possession as a finished product, that I'm not sure where it is going to live. Probably in our guest room would be the best place.

Want to make a pillow and join in the fun? Be sure to check out the pictures at Stitched in Color and at the Flickr site, here, to see them all.


Jan Mac said...

Wow what a lovely pillow Carol. Oh dear now I have another project to add to my long list.
Hugs Jan Mac

Anonymous said...

I think the pillow is beautiful! I love that you added your name. Good luck with the contest.

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

I love the picture behind glass. hehe!