Saturday, February 26, 2011

30 Days of Photos: 25

a picture of my day

This one is an unusual assignment. How does one photograph a day? I decided to show you my main "stations." If I don't work (which I only do part time and sporadically these days), I'm usually at home doing some of these activities:

my computer.. I spend too much time here, writing my blog and reading others, checking email, doing Facebook

I like to watch Dr. Phil at 3:00 p.m... I usually sit here and knit while I watch.

If I'm not busy with other stuff, this is where I do my sewing. Often while I sew I listen to public radio. Sometimes I watch TV, but day time TV stinks. Sometimes I'm here all day. Other days I never get to step foot inside the room.

Kitchen. This represents meal prep, cleaning, and other household stuff I have to do.

That's a typical day, not including the errands I may run to the post office, church meetings, an occasional lunch with a friend, and other stuff that fills the hours.

On Friday my day included making some blocks for Sunshine Lotto. Here they are:

My Gratitude List:
1. a few days in warm sunshine
2. visits with several friends this week
3. reconnecting with friends from the past
4. hubby is good at fixing things (e.g., furnace) and thus has saved us a lot of money
5. hubby and I recovered from illness and enjoy good health once again

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Unknown said...

Sounds a bit like my day except I don't watch Phil as I find his voice just a tad too large for my ears...we all have a routine that no matter what we do keep.
a good post.