Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Report on Me

I thought I'd just talk about myself for a while. I hope you don't nod off from boredom.

The adult: my cousin. The baby: my great-niece at age 2 months. She is now 7 months old.

My life has been more of the usual: a little work, a lot of everything else. I am working about 6-8 hours per week, and that feels like the perfect amount. Sometimes I work an extra couple of hours here and there, especially if I'm feeling like we need more cash flow. Cash still seems to flow out lots faster than it trickles in. One of these years we'll get some big debts paid off, and then we can breathe easy. (Student loans: the bain of budgets in the 21st century.)

I tutor once a week, and I am lucky. I work with the nicest kid in the whole school. There's another tutor, a young college student, who has to steel herself for the challenge she's going to face every time she tutors. Poor thing. I have it easy. My student has two tutors per week: me on Tuesdays and another tutor on Thursdays. I found out the Thursday tutor and I share the same name! Funny. I made the student memorize my name, which was finally accomplished. It was funny to learn that the student didn't have to learn a new name along with the new tutor.

The extended fam are all doing fine, as far as I know. My mother will be 92 years old next week! The youngest is a happy and very cute 7 months old already. Time flies, and babies grow.

This is my fam in 1977. I think I might have posted this not too long ago. I am on the right end of this bunch. My little niece, in the middle, wearing a dress made of the same fabric as mine, is aunt and god-mother to the baby pictured above. The baby's mother wasn't even born yet in this picture. LOL.. as I already said, time flies.

I'm still trying to get to the gym frequently. Last week I didn't do so well, got there only twice, and then I attended the quilt retreat and ate like there was no tomorrow. Since I'm being honest, I will confess that I gained back 2 of the 3 lbs I had lost. Oh, well. I actually was happy that's all I gained.

This week I am going back for Attempt Two at Zumba Gold. We'll see... you know I wimp out easily. Zumba is a lot of dang work! Since I started at the gym, though, I have increased my distance and my time on the treadmill, so I seem to be doing something right.

Today I spent a long time working on church stuff again.. typing some things, copying them, making little reminder cards, and I still have to make a poster. The fun never ends.

The book I'm reading this week is by Stephen King, and there is time travel involved. Funny that I have gone years without reading anything about time travel, and now I'm on my second time travel book in a month.

I'd sure like to experience what this character in the novel is experiencing: 1958 prices with a 2008 level of income. He bought a nice car for cash! (I bet student loans weren't such monsters back then, if they were even necessary!)

Since returning from the quilt retreat I have not touched any sewing projects. My sewing machine is not even back in its cabinet/table. Soon I'll get the itch to sew again. Never fear. I have umpteen projects to entice me back into the sewing room.

Here's a question for you: if you could travel in time, what do you think might surprise you or especially please or disgust you about a time in the past you choose to visit - something you maybe had forgotten about, something about which our sensibilities now are so different?

P.S. Yesterday I saw the movie "Silver Linings Playbook" which I really liked, and I loved Jennifer Lawrence in it. In fact, I loved several of the characters/actors' portrayals. A good movie.


Sextant said...

Sounds like you are reading 11/22/63, great book really enjoyed it, but ... well you'll see.

I think I would like to travel back to the late 30s and experience the end of the depression and WWII, of course with my modern knowledge of how it all turns out intact. I think I would be fascinated with the relationship of genders, although dismayed with sexual inequality, dismayed with white superiority, racial inequality, and consciousness of the environment, and wowed by the can do spirit of the WWII crowd. While our generation would fool with environmental impact statements and greasing endless palms, the WWII crowd converted car factories to tanks and aircraft and won a war and greased a few palms in the process. But the war was won...us? I am not so sure.

Louise said...

It would be interesting to visit some of my ancestors in the 1800's, to talk to them and see how they lived....and to answer some genealogical questions that I will never have answers to!
As a women, I wouldn't want to stay back in time. We are so much better off today! "The good old days" are a myth!

Carol E. said...

Yes, I am reading 11/22/63. I think any step into the past would be a tough thing for any woman. Even in my own relatively short life, I can remember things being VERY different for women in my childhood compared to what we have now. Same goes for any minority group, too. Maybe the only person who COULD survive in the past would be a white man.