Sunday, February 24, 2013

Early Sunday Morning in Wisconsin

two quilters who have the same last name; I decided we are 8th cousins

I have been on a quilting retreat in Wisconsin since Thursday afternoon. We are staying in a house designed for retreats. It is very comfortable, and we are being treated like princesses. I am getting a lot done, and staying up late, following my usual nightowl circadian rhythms. Quite fun. It will be hard to return to the real world.

After we arrived here a snowstorm arrived, and we were pleased to be in a warm, comfy place with lots of quilts to work on while living in a winter wonderland and nowhere else to go. We even had the "staff" arrive and plow out our driveway and shovel the walk. We got about six inches of snow. Gorgeous!

made this for Wrap a Smile

someone else made these blocks; I put them together for a project that my guild is supporting; it will get another border eventually


Nancy said...

Looks like a productive weekend!

Sextant said...

Your Majesty, you are looking quite sexy in your tiara.

BrendaLou said...

looks like so much fun!
you and your "cousin" both have quilting in your genes....must be closer than 8th cousins!