Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Doll Dress and Doll Blankets - I'm a Kid Again!

I have been having such fun making and purchasing home-made doll items. I gave two pretty Barbie dresses to my mom to deliver to my great-niece who is six. She loves all things girly and pretty, so I expect she will love the dresses.

Here is another dress I recently bought on e-bay. A different outfit came with the veil and the gloves, but I felt they didn't seem to match each other very well. I decided I would get a white dress to go with the veil and gloves, and voila! - a lovely bride outfit was born for Ms. Barbie.

As I accrue scraps, I am trying to use them right away to make doll blankets. These will go to our neighborhood agency that serves families in need. I'm planning way ahead, as most of these will be Christmas gifts ten months from now. As they are completed, I pile them on top of a baby doll I have here at home. She is keeping track of them until it's time to give them away. Here are my four doll blankets made so far in 2013. The two on the left are tops only; the two on the right are done. (I like blue.. I sew with a lot of blue!) I recently purchased (at a bargain price!) some great backing fabrics that will be perfect for doll blankets, so I'm all set for the year. As scraps accumulate, doll blankets they will become.

Having these doll clothes and blankets to make and photograph gives me giggles, bringing back fond memories of my own childhood. My sister and I used to play with our dolls for hours, and our older sister made doll clothes for us. What fun! My childhood was a happy time. I was a lucky kid.


Brenda said...

how big is a doll quilt?

Carol E. said...

18" x 24" for my local agency and 14" x 18" for Get Your Mrs. Claus On. (scroll down on right side of my blog to see that button)