Thursday, June 02, 2011

Beauty of Spring

Spring growth is so beautiful! I love the variations in color, especially in the greens as the leaves come out so delicately. Here are signs of spring (and summer) in my own yard:

Hosta and iris afer a rain:

Soon I'll have a bunch of quilt UFO pictures to show you!!


Darcie said...

Gorgeous photos, Carol! Can't wait to see the UFOs, too!

Happy weekend to you and yours.

Sarah said...

LOOOOOVE the Irises. I brought a few purples with me to work today as they had been damaged in the wind and had to be cut off.

Anonymous said...

Nice pix, C, but I stopped by to ask if you took the pic in your banner. I LOVE it. I'm enjoying your knitting pix, too. (quilting, too, but the knitting especially)
CIty Hall! I'm still smiling (or laughing)

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Oh what beautiful photos! Spring (and all her green glory) is such a treat here in New England after what seemed like an endless winter. I like the new look to your blog - very cool!

quiltmom anna said...

Gorgeous irises Carol,
My father has some beautiful ones- he collected lots of different tubers so that he could have many different colored irises.
I made a quilt once for my grandmother that is an Iris ( colorwash design from McCall's Magazine in the 90's). She loved the quilt and I loved her. I have the quilt now that she has passed on.
Warmest regards,