Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Books, Blocks, a Black Cloud

I have been reading Ahab's Wife. It is taking me forever! I'm enjoying it, but I have other books I want to read. This one is over 600 pages long. I'm finally nearing page 500, so I should finish it soon. What a long haul this has been! I mean... with so many other books waiting in line, it is frustrating to devote this much time to one book! Good thing I'm enjoying it, though I'm not putting it on my list of favorites.

Yesterday I finished Grace (Eventually) Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott. I love this book! I love Anne Lamott! She is preciously flawed and open, honest, and always struggling, just like everyone else. Even though she found Christianity, it never gets super easy for her. She just keeps plugging along, holding onto her faith, and trying to make good decisions. Just like the rest of us. I love her books for that reason... she's so normal and isn't afraid to admit it.

I made a few quilt blocks, some were more successful than others. The process is fun, even if each block is not a masterpiece.

I've been struggling with my old bug-a-boo, depression, again. It's not bad, not serious. I just have this little black cloud hovering over me lately. I need a good high pressure front to come swooping in from Canada and blow that cloud away. It'll happen (eventually).... just like Anne Lamott's Grace (Eventually)!


AnnieO said...

That is a very long book! I just finished a 752 page one and was getting pretty tired of it towards the end (last book of the Clan of the Cave Bear series). The blocks look great--you made them cohesive with that one fabric in each. I like them bunches!

Hope that front sweeps away the black cloud soon. If not, I hope you get some help :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your black cloud, but what I appreaciate so much is how open you are about it. You set (and have before) a good example for those who may not have given voice to or even recognized their own black clouds.

quiltmom anna said...

Hi Carol,I am sending you some Canadian wind to help blow away your dark storm clouds. VBG
I am reading the 19th wife- very interesting book..
I bought the book of Awesome for a friend who is dealing with some significant family illness. It is little vignettes of everyday things in life that bring joy. Thought it might bring her a smile or two- perhaps it might be of interest. I know I found the little stories made me smile.
I watched a movie called Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz yesterday- totally mindless and hoakey but it made me laugh. Too tired to do anything too serious after packing up my classroom today.
Happy reading,
Warmest regards,

Pattilou said...

Me too! I've been hating that dark feeling inside when everything seems to be so sunny outside. It comes and goes--a bit of yeast in my lungs and the yeast creates the depression, so I'm working on that one. It is a bit better, but I still am driven by the sweets--LIFE!!! At least I found a new doctor that found out I'm allergic to the dying off of the yeast and with the new protocol, my lungs are clearing! Like you, I'm hoping for that dark cloud to dissipate.