Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lots of Finishes!

The long weekend has come and gone. I had so many days off, yet it seemed to really fly, and I could hardly believe it when Monday night arrived, and I realized most people will return to work when they wake up.

I got a LOT of sewing done, and a little knitting. I would have finished more sewing, but Monday turned into a hot day. I sewed in the morning, but when it got too hot upstairs, I went downstairs to the office and spent several hours sorting through piles of papers. I don't know why I let them pile up for so long before I tackle them. It's crazy. Feels great to have some of that done, though. Maybe one of these years I'll turn over a new leaf.

Here is the line of projects I finished this weekend:

The first few are small blankies (flannel backing, no batting) for Rosebud --the one with red borders is UFO #17

The next ones are made just like the Rosebud blankies, but these will be going to Philippines --

Cat watching me sew --

a paper pieced block I made for a friend --

I started on some pot holders I need to make for a church project. Only two are completely done, but I have several pot holders ready to "stuff" and pieces cut out for the assembly process --

I got a sweatshirt at a rummage sale, cut off the arms and sewed it up at arms and bottom; then I filled it with sewing scraps to make an animal bed; sewed up the neck and there you go... the problem is, I filled it too full, and it weighs a ton! But the cat seems to enjoy it. It's a "Methodist sweatshirt," so I guess that makes him a Methodist cat --

finished this scarf; yarn is alpaca and so soft!

finished this dish cloth about ten minutes before writing this post --


AnnieO said...

Wow, you were very productive! Lots of boxes ticked off on your to do list. That feeds the soul for sure :)

I am under a CAT scan frequently when I sew too.

quiltmom anna said...

Now weren't you the busy one- it always feels so productive when one gets so much done. I am sure that each of those quilts will be well loved.

A belated Happy Birthday to your sister. I hope she had a wonderful day.
Warmest regards,