Saturday, June 04, 2011

Glorious Summer

What a perfect day! Blue skies, a soft breeze, sunshine, temperature around 80 deg F and low humidity! Gorgeous!

Charles mowed the lawn. I planted flowers, trimmed, bushes, swept front patio. Afterwards we sat on the deck in the shade, cooling off and enjoying the perfect weather. I live in Minnesota for days like these!

There was a city celebration going on in the park nearby. My church has always hosted a bouncy house there, and this year we added face painting. I have attended three or four years in a row, to help, and every year it rained and was miserable. This year I told them I didn't want to go. I felt a little guilty not being there; I could hear the festivities from my front yard. ["Time for hula-hoops now! Who wants to hula-hoop?!" fire truck noises, and whatnot.] Hopefully they were all having a good time. With good weather they'd have more kids and need more helpers. But, you know, we shouldn't count on the same old people doing the same duties every year! My fingers are crossed that it all worked out happily.

Blogger is not letting me leave comments again today. So I will make one of my comments right here: I hope and pray that J. finds the kind of home he is hoping for. I am trying not to feel anxious as he leaves a great home and finds potential... what... even greater? I hope so!

The photo above (apologies for the bad quality) is June Lotto blocks I made for Sunshine. I have 4 million bindings to work on, but they're so boring!! I'd rather make blocks and plant flowers.


Jo said...

Carol, your quilts are to beautiful.



Gosh...!!!! Lovely...!

Your flowers are gorgeous too. Petunias are my favourite bedding plants, and I just put mine in today.

Have a wonderful summmer. :-)



Unknown said...

the park celebration was fun! Aubrey's family (not sure what mom and dad's names are) came...lots of others stopped was fun.. warm but fun! Oh they had Tommy Chicago pizza so that was a bonus! lol...